quarta-feira, 14 de dezembro de 2011

The most incredible and Idiot gift wrapping paper!

I must confess. Once upon a time there was a little girl that absolutely loved Christmas time...and yes, that girl was me, and she even dressed as Santa to surprise her little cousins! Oh yes, and they believed!
 But now it's a whole different story, I just can't feel it anymore and the only positive thing in this time of the year is that I can spend it with a large part of my family...anyway, I guess I'm not the only one so perhaps I should have some simpathy for what I just wrote.
Well, more on what I reeeally want to show you. I just found the coolest and funiest wrapping papers ever, and althought my lack of entusiasm during these days I must say that if I find one of those out there I will give them as a holiday giveaway...but, don't misread me, only the paper with nothing inside of course.

The burger wrap!

The crossword wrap! Fabio Milito and Francesca Guidott

The clean wrap!

The fruit basket wrap! Happy F&B

The "patience" wrap!

The news wrap!

My favourite one...the mustache wrap! FANCY

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